The Iditarod 2013 is underway.

The true heroes of the Iditarod, a more than 1000 mile race across the frozen landscape of Alaska are the teams of 16 huskie dogs working together to pull their driver and sled.


The dogs wear special booties on their paws to protect them from the ice, snow and rough frozen terrain along the way. But let’s give the musher her due as well. As anyone who has a standing job knows standing all day and much of the night takes a toll on the feet. And when temperatures are below freezing even more so. Indeed, this race taxes every part of the body, physical and mental. Of course the greatest toll is on the dogs. The race lasts 11-12 days for the fastest teams with breaks as needed to rest the dogs.


The official Iditarod web site has terrific information about the race. The best daily video clips from each day of racing are saved for paid subscribers with funds going to help support this unique race. A short video about the history of the race can be seen here.



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