1. I have stumbled upon your blog through a search for “3 week walk”! I live in England now, but I lived in Suffern and attended Suffern High School, so you can imagine the surprise I felt finding “Suffern” in my search results! I will be embarking on my own 3 week walk in a few weeks, and I have been told about Simon Armitage’s book by a number of friends here, so again, finding your review so unexpectedly was fab. I guess I better read it now – maybe I’ll take it with me when I walk…Small world! 🙂


    1. HI Hope,

      Thanks for your comment and best of luck on your upcoming project. I do recommend the Simon Armitage’s book for you. I am located near Suffern High and see students and teachers as patients. Just finished a Catskills backpacking trip of the Escarpment Trail which traversed a ridge overlooking the Hudson River. Regrettably we took absolutely no pictures. Any foot related questions that might help you on your trip, I would be happy to try and answer. Thanks again for the comment.


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