thewalkahead.com will look at ways walking, running, paddling and moving forward with human power in general can often lead us to learn more about ourselves and our world.


Flat Rock Brook 2015 Trail Race

As a podiatrist I have a special interest in how we ambulate and use our feet for moving about. Personally I enjoy hiking and trail running with some occasional back packing and more recently, paddling either a canoe or kayak. I have been contributing articles about foot health as it relates to hiking and related issues (articles about shoes, hiking poles) and some general hiking health related articles (how to stay hydrated) for The Trail Walker, the official publication of the New York/New Jersey Trail Conference publication. Some of these articles are archived at http://www.nynjtc.org and some are available at http://www.suffernpodiatry.com. I also serve as the parent advisor for a high school Outdoors Club.

For more information about foot care and the treatments I recommend please visit suffernpodiatry.com


  1. I have stumbled upon your blog through a search for “3 week walk”! I live in England now, but I lived in Suffern and attended Suffern High School, so you can imagine the surprise I felt finding “Suffern” in my search results! I will be embarking on my own 3 week walk in a few weeks, and I have been told about Simon Armitage’s book by a number of friends here, so again, finding your review so unexpectedly was fab. I guess I better read it now – maybe I’ll take it with me when I walk…Small world! 🙂


    1. HI Hope,

      Thanks for your comment and best of luck on your upcoming project. I do recommend the Simon Armitage’s book for you. I am located near Suffern High and see students and teachers as patients. Just finished a Catskills backpacking trip of the Escarpment Trail which traversed a ridge overlooking the Hudson River. Regrettably we took absolutely no pictures. Any foot related questions that might help you on your trip, I would be happy to try and answer. Thanks again for the comment.


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